Istanbul Travel Guide to the Top 10 Attractions

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Istanbul is a city of contrasts formerly known as the Oriental metropolis Constantinople. The deeply rooted rich Islamic culture meets Western lifestyles. Ancient traditions and religious beliefs alternate with those of modern life. Here are the top 10 places you must see in the city.

The Blue Mosque

With its amazing architecture, six minarets, and tens of thousands of tires in the interior, this is the biggest of all Ottoman mosques in Istanbul. The mosque’s perfect proportions and breathtaking atmosphere make it an absolute must see and best of all it’s free.

The Gallatin Tower

The Gallatin Tower is the tallest tower in the city when it was constructed in the year 507. Originally built to spark fires from afar, it’s now a popular spot for the young Istanbul ahem. In the tower, there is a coffee place with great views of the city. At night, the tower turns into a tourist attraction with dinners and shows all around.

The Bosphorus

The Bosphorus is a mighty strait dividing the city into European and an Asian part. There are a lot of ferries connecting the two continents most of which are used by the many commuters. Make sure you board one of the exclusive tours along the Bosphorus to get the best views of the city and some of its delightful attractions.


The next attraction is for art lovers as Istanbul rich art scene offers something for everyone. Close to the newly-opened Istanbul modern which holds a superb collection of modern and contemporary art there is the Boheme district of Jahangir. Nestled between cozy cafés and stunning antique shops, Jahangir is for those who are interested in up-and-coming galleries and small designer shops.

The Grand Bazaar

If you always dreamt about shopping in the buzz of an oriental bazaar be sure not to miss this mind-blowing atmosphere of Kapil Akasha. Spreading over fifty-eight streets, it hosts over four thousand shops. Settle on the price for an original Ottoman carpet over a glass of epic tea, smoke a traditional water pipe, or just marvel at the extraordinary selection of handmade artifacts.

Take a Boat to Princess Islands

If you need a break from the crowds, take a boat to one of the tranquil princess islands. It’s a great destination for a day’s escape especially as the ferry ride here is very enjoyable. Upon your arrival, you can rent a bike or take one of the romantic horse carriages for a trip around the island.

Istiklal Street

Istiklal Street is the vibrant heart of the city. A shopper’s paradise at daytime, Istiklal turns into the center of Istanbul’s nightlife after dark. Stroll around the countless side streets to find restaurants, bars, and clubs for every budget and taste – a lot of which offer live music until the early morning.

Traditional and Modern Dance Shows

Istanbul is famous for the countless dance shows you can visit. No matter if it’s belly dance, traditional folk, or modern break dance you name it they have got it. Watching a show like this is a truly exhilarating way to spend an evening.

Topkapi Palace

This opulent palace complex stars in many colorful stories. Marvel at ancient Islamic relics and beautiful handcrafted items as you walk through the palace gardens. There are guided tours around the many courtyards but make sure you have booked your tickets in advance because prices and quality may vary.

Hagia Sophia

This extraordinary building is Istanbul’s most famous monument. Breathtaking mosaics, a dome hovering almost unsupported over your head, and a history as long as the cities itself make this one of the world’s truly great buildings.

A Purr-Fect Road Trip

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Two years ago I moved my best friend from California to Boston. This was a difficult move but to ease the struggle, and for the mental health of our dog, we decided to make it into a road trip. Unfortunately, we were bound by a strict schedule and didn’t really get to make the most of the trip. We did take him to The Grand Canyon and wandered through Chicago for a day, but it got me thinking about a real trip for me and my pet. Since this trip, I have adopted an adventurous kitten, Zapada, that I’m certain will be the perfect mate for a second trip. Now, here for any like minded wanderers, is our itinerary.

Purr-Fect Road

Days one and two

Our trip begins in California of course, in quite the same way the original trip did. We will be heading south then east toward Arizona and the Grand Canyon. Like most cats, Zapada likes to find the tallest place in the house and survey the world below him. With this in mind, I think it would be a shame to skip the view from the top of this incredible gorge. As an added bonus, as Zapada is an avid hiker, chasing the local wildlife on the trail to the crest will be a welcome reprieve after the previous full day of driving. For this leg of our adventure we will be staying in the Canyon Plaza Resort Grand Canyon, a pet friendly hotel just one minute from the south entrance of Grand Canyon National Park.

Day four

From here, we will hop on Route 66, because in my opinion it is the best way to road trip through the South and drive to Albuquerque, NM. There are many pet friendly hotels here but we chose Howard Johnson By Wyndham Albuquerque Midtown for its convenience. For some quick sightseeing we are taking the ABQ Trolley Co. tour, a pet friendly trolly tour that lasts 85 minutes and tours the Historic Old Town. Later, we will get spooky with the History & Ghost Tours of Old Town then tuck in early and rest up for our next long drive.

Day five and six

Now we have another long drive through the rest of New Mexico, the top of Texas, and all of Oklahoma, where we will exit Route 66 on our way to Arkansas. We plan to stop at the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, TX and The Blue Whale in Catoosa, OK but our final destination for the day Is Little Rock. Here we’ll take a well-deserved rest at the Embassy Suites Hotel Little Rock, chosen for the comfort and excellent ratings. We may explore The River Market  District or Pinnacle Mountain State Park, or we might decide to order take-out and watch movies all day. It is really up to Zapada.

Day seven

Back on the road with a quick drive to Atlanta,Georgia. Here we will check into Oakwood At Skyhouse South for the views and set out on a little hike on Doll’s Head Trail. This trail, scattered with discarded doll parts, was the vision of local carpenter Joel Slaton looking to repurpose the garbage left throughout the park. Others have added their own art but it is mostly doll head themed. What can I say? Zapada is a connoisseur of the stranger things in life.

Days eight and nine

Today we travel to our final destination on the trip, The Global Pet Expo in Orlando, FL. We are staying at the Days Inn Orlando Downtown. At the expo, I will have the opportunity to discover new and exciting products, foods, and methods for pet owners everywhere while Zapada spends getting pampered at the Pet Lodge & Spa.

Going On a Vacation? Keep These Three Things in Mind

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Vacations should be as stress-free and as relaxing as possible, shouldn’t they? Of course they should! After all, you go on a vacation to take a break from your everyday duties, as well as regain all that lost energy of yours. With that being said, your vacation shouldn’t be stressful, but relaxing. However, even though you are on a vacation, some of your personal problems have somehow managed to find their way into your head. Is this something that you are dealing with these days? If it is, then it is my honor to inform you that you came to the right place.

Here, you are going to find some great tips that could help you have the best vacation possible. And what’s so good about these tips is that all of them are very simple, yet very effective. With that being said, you should have them on your mind at all times. And now, let’s begin, shall we? Let’s go!

Simplicity Is the Key
I don’t know if you already know about this one or not, but I am still going to include it here anyway, since it is pretty important. Simplicity is the key to having a great vacation. This is something the owners of LG Sports and Therapeutic Massage live by when traveling. What do I actually mean when I say simplicity? Well, what I mean is that you should keep your vacation as simple as possible. For example, don’t take more stuff than you need with you. Doing so will help you move more freely, which is always great for your mental health.

Don’t Let the Pressure Ruin Your Vacation
When it comes to your vacation, you really need to know how to control your pressure levels. Too much pressure could turn your beautiful vacation into a complete disaster. Knowing how to control your pressure levels is a great ability that could actually end up saving your vacation.

Go With Someone You Love and Care About
Either go on a vacation alone, or go with someone you love and care about. Never go with someone who is annoying, because that person could actually end up causing more trouble than good. Choose wisely!

Why You Should Travel More Often

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It is a well-known fact that many people all over the world love to travel. But have you ever asked yourself why? Why do people love to travel so much? Is there something so special about traveling that some people just simply can’t imagine how their lives would look like without it? So, why do people love to travel so much? Well, this one is actually pretty hard to answer, and the reason why is because different people have different reasons why they love to travel. Everyone has their own special and unique motive for traveling, and because of that, this question doesn’t really have a definite answer.

However, if I had to name one reason why people love to travel, then I would probably say because they love challenging themselves with new things such as exploring new places, meeting new people, and experiencing new things in general. If you are not really a fan of traveling, you should become one really soon. The reason why I said this is because there is so much more to traveling than just getting to explore new places and meet new people. It is pretty much safe to say that every time you travel, you get to learn something new – not just about the place that you are traveling to, but also about yourself, as well as the person that you are traveling with. So, why should you travel more often? Read on to find out why!

Strengthening the Relationship
By traveling, you will probably get the chance to meet some new people. However, if you are going to traveling with your friend, you are also going to get the chance to get to know him or her a little bit better than you already do. Traveling can be a great experience, especially if you have someone to share it with.

Your Mental Health
Traveling is pretty much always a fun experience, and with that being said, it can help improve your mental health significantly. This includes your mood, as well as your stress levels. Traveling can help you forget about your personal problems, even if it is just for a couple of days.

An Unforgettable Journey
Every time you travel, you get to experience something new. You could also start looking at the world in a completely different way. With that being said, traveling is something that could change your life, and I don’t mean this in a bad way at all.

Don’t Let Travel Expenses Create Problems

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Traveling is important for the people who has stressful life at the home or in the office. There are a number of traveling offices that offer different packages to the people so that they can enjoy their holidays. No matter where you live, you have to provide a handsome amount to the travel agents so that they can arrange the well-organized trip. Following are the ways in which the traveling compensation can create problems for the people:

  • When the traveling expenses are more than your expected budget then it is a fact that the traveling compensations can cause problems for you. In such cases you have to cut down your other expenses and pay for those you incurred during your trip.
  • Another way when you traveling compensation can be an expense for you is that the currency exchange amount is more than you are expecting and the amount you get after exchange is not much for your holidays.
  • In the case of the business trip, you may face the traveling compensation as the problem. It usually happens in the case when the company provides you fixed amount for any trip and your expenses increases. At this time, you have to pay for the expenses from your pocket and they company may or may not pay you for it.
  • Traveling compensations are always expenses when you don’t want to go for traveling, but you have to travel for any special or specific reason.
  • Sometimes, the package you choose from the traveling may cause problems for you. Like if you have paid for the double bed room, but when you reach to your destination, you don’t get that and your whole trip will be destroyed. This will be the issue from the traveling agent’s side and you must report the issue to the travel agent so that they can solve their issues with the hotel management before sending new tourists.
  • If you have missed your airline then you may have problems with the budget as you will need to buy new ticket to your home. Don’t every miss your airline and be on time so that you can cut down the expenses and you can be back to the home on time.

So there are the ways by which you can face problems with the traveling expenses. Many people plan their trips and therefor their expenses out early in advance. The owners of a Calgary garage floor coating company are like this. They plan their trips out in advance in order to plan for the expense they will see during their travel. If you have some money in your account then you can easily cover all the expenses. So try your best and have fun during your trip.

Best Places to Travel in Good Weather

Thursday , 11, January 2018 Comments Off on Best Places to Travel in Good Weather

If you want to go for a short holiday in a good weather with your friends then you will find a lot of amazing places. Here, we are going to help you out. By reading this out, you will be able to find those places where you can enjoy the amazing weather on a low budget.

Here, we would like to add that most of these places are suitable for the month November. If you are a smart traveler, then you will know the reasons behind it. In November, most of the people plan for the holiday season. But, you can enjoy the lovely weather when everyone else is planning. In this month, you will be able to explore both the cities and the deserts. You can enjoy amazing restaurants, exciting art as well as great museums of those cities. These things will be enough to make your trip memorable.

Here is the list of places which you should visit in a good weather:

Memphis, Tennessee:

This is an amazing city which is always known for the exciting blues and the barbecue it offers to its tourists. Apart from these things, this city is now considered as the hottest city of that region. There are many reasons behind it. First of all, it has amazing restaurants. Moreover, if you are a greenery lover, then this is the right place for you and for your family. It has many luxurious restaurants. One of these restaurants are Guest house at Graceland. It has its own colonial style. This place is a national historic landmark.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico:

If you want to enjoy the wonders of great architecture, then San Miguel is your holiday spot. This place has a lot of international restaurants. You can visit interesting bars of this city as well. There is a lot to offer in this city. If you are a foodie, then you must go there in July. This is because, the July food festival of San Miguel is very popular. The food halls are filled with people from all around the world. You can wander in the streets because, the city is not unbearably hot in the month of November. If you prefer to stay in an artistic style hotel, then you can stay in Rosewood Hotel.


Now, we are going to shed some light on the central country of America. The best thing about this country is that their official language is English. So, you can easily communicate with locals. In addition to that, it is a great attraction for food and farm lovers. If you visit this place in a good weather, you will be able to get very low rates.


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